SkyGI::Rect Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Rect ()
 Rect (int l, int t, int r, int b)
 Rect (const Point &cMin, const Point &cMax)
 ~Rect ()
void Set (int l, int t, int r, int b)
bool IsValid () const
void Invalidate (void)
bool DoIntersect (const Point &cPoint) const
bool DoIntersect (const Rect &cRect) const
int Width (void) const
int Height (void) const
Point Size () const
Point LeftTop () const
Point RightBottom () const
Rect Bounds (void) const
RectResize (int nLeft, int nTop, int nRight, int nBottom)
RectMoveTo (int nLeft, int nTop)
Rect operator+ (const Point &cPoint) const
Rect operator- (const Point &cPoint) const
Point operator+ (const Rect &cRect) const
Point operator- (const Rect &cRect) const
Rect operator & (const Rect &cRect) const
void operator &= (const Rect &cRect)
Rect operator| (const Rect &cRect) const
void operator|= (const Rect &cRect)
Rect operator| (const Point &cPoint) const
void operator|= (const Point &cPoint)
void operator+= (const Point &cPoint)
void operator-= (const Point &cPoint)
bool operator== (const Rect &cRect) const
bool operator!= (const Rect &cRect) const
ostream & operator<< (ostream &os)
void Dump (char *pText) const

Public Attributes

int left
int top
int right
int bottom

Detailed Description


Represents a rectangle defined by left, top, right, bottom values. A Rect object instanced with the default constructor Rect::Rect() will have invalid corrdinates (left,top = 999999), (right,bottom = -999999)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SkyGI::Rect::Rect (  )  [inline]

SkyGI::Rect::Rect ( int  l,
int  t,
int  r,
int  b 
) [inline]

SkyGI::Rect::Rect ( const Point cMin,
const Point cMax 
) [inline]

SkyGI::Rect::~Rect (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void SkyGI::Rect::Set ( int  l,
int  t,
int  r,
int  b 
) [inline]

bool SkyGI::Rect::IsValid (  )  const [inline]

void SkyGI::Rect::Invalidate ( void   )  [inline]

bool SkyGI::Rect::DoIntersect ( const Point cPoint  )  const [inline]

bool SkyGI::Rect::DoIntersect ( const Rect cRect  )  const [inline]

int SkyGI::Rect::Width ( void   )  const [inline]

int SkyGI::Rect::Height ( void   )  const [inline]


Point SkyGI::Rect::Size (  )  const [inline]

Point SkyGI::Rect::LeftTop (  )  const [inline]

Point SkyGI::Rect::RightBottom (  )  const [inline]

Rect SkyGI::Rect::Bounds ( void   )  const [inline]

Rect& SkyGI::Rect::Resize ( int  nLeft,
int  nTop,
int  nRight,
int  nBottom 
) [inline]

Rect& SkyGI::Rect::MoveTo ( int  nLeft,
int  nTop 
) [inline]

Rect SkyGI::Rect::operator+ ( const Point cPoint  )  const [inline]

Rect SkyGI::Rect::operator- ( const Point cPoint  )  const [inline]

Point SkyGI::Rect::operator+ ( const Rect cRect  )  const [inline]

Point SkyGI::Rect::operator- ( const Rect cRect  )  const [inline]

Rect SkyGI::Rect::operator & ( const Rect cRect  )  const [inline]

void SkyGI::Rect::operator &= ( const Rect cRect  )  [inline]

Rect SkyGI::Rect::operator| ( const Rect cRect  )  const [inline]

void SkyGI::Rect::operator|= ( const Rect cRect  )  [inline]

Rect SkyGI::Rect::operator| ( const Point cPoint  )  const [inline]

void SkyGI::Rect::operator|= ( const Point cPoint  )  [inline]

void SkyGI::Rect::operator+= ( const Point cPoint  )  [inline]

void SkyGI::Rect::operator-= ( const Point cPoint  )  [inline]

bool SkyGI::Rect::operator== ( const Rect cRect  )  const [inline]

bool SkyGI::Rect::operator!= ( const Rect cRect  )  const [inline]

ostream& SkyGI::Rect::operator<< ( ostream &  os  )  [inline]

void SkyGI::Rect::Dump ( char *  pText  )  const [inline]

Member Data Documentation

int SkyGI::Rect::left


int SkyGI::Rect::top


int SkyGI::Rect::right

int SkyGI::Rect::bottom

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