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 Post subject: Basic Questions **Read first**
PostPosted: July 3rd, 2004, 5:28 pm 
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A lot of newbies on the SkyOS forum seem to ask the same questions over and over again. Therefore, I decided to put up this post, which, hopefully, answers your basic questions.

1. Is SkyOS a Linux distribution? Is SkyOS a *nix? Is SkyOS BeOS?
No, no, and no. SkyOS is an operating system written from scratch. It isn’t based on any other operating system out there. On the other hand, SkyOS is of course influenced by many operating systems, while retaining its uniqueness.

2. Does SkyOS use X Server, XFree86 or another X system?
SkyOS uses its own GUI system called SkyGI, which is integrated into the kernel. This system has nothing to do with X or XFree86 and is not based on either of these systems and their forks.

3. Is SkyOS open-source?
No. SkyOS is a closed source operating system. The creators have chosen to keep the source closed because this would ensure that they would keep control. Also, this prevents forking and splintering.

4. Does SkyOS use GPL'd code?
No. SkyOS uses no GPL'd code in the kernel/system.
Asking this question over and over again does not magically change the answer.

5. I can't find a download link! Where can I download SkyOS??
You cannot download SkyOS. Version 5.0 is currently under development, and only by buying a beta-team membership, you'll be able to get your hands on a beta version. Older version of SkyOS have been taken offline because they did not represent the current state of the OS.

6. How much does SkyOS cost?
As of right now, there is no version available for sale. SkyOS v5.0 is in beta fase, and joining the beta-testing team costs 29 EUR dollars. You get:
- Access to all the betas and release candidates before v5.0 final is released;
- Access to the special beta forum;
- A copy of 5.0 final when it is released.

You can sign up here. SkyOS 5.0 final alone will cost 29 EUR dollars.

7. When will SkyOS 5.0 final be released?
We don’t know.

8. What is the SkyOS business model?
We hope to grow SkyOS in a few stages.

The first stage is the hobby era of SkyOS. This would be SkyOS 1.0 through 4.9. This is the stage in which all the underlying parts of SkyOS were developed, and lead up to just before SkyOS 5.0, when major overhauls of systems began, a completely new interface was created, and hundreds of bugs and features were taken care of.

The second stage of SkyOS will be taken with the average home desktop user in mind. This will be when SkyOS 5.0 (temporary name) is available. SkyOS will aim at being an alternative for people looking for a fast, stable, inexpensive, and most of all, user-friendly desktop experience. SkyOS will be a great platform for all the standard desktop tasks, such as web browsing, e-mail, chat, word processing, music, videos, simple games, and more.

In the last stage, SkyOS will expand to new horizons, and will hopefully include support for 3D gaming, multimedia development, software development, and many other advanced computing tasks. At this time, we will also begin looking at the possibility of making a server version of SkyOS available.

9. Will SkyOS Appear for PPC?

short answer is no. reason? SkyOS is locked to x86 by a CPU instruction it requires to work.

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