Proof of concept - Crossbar

Submitted by Robert Szeleney on Mon, 2008-09-01 13:25.

Currently we are investigating a little new feature, code named, crossbar.

If you have ever used a PS3 you will be very familiar with the crossbar interface and its functionality. SkyOS tries to bring this feature right into a desktop OS.

Basically, crossbar is always running and even ready before the desktop has been loaded. With a shortcut or mouse gesture you can quickly get crossbar into the foreground. Inside crossbar you have the option to quickly navigate through your images, music and videos using SkyFS queries. (the background index feeder service will automatically index your images, songs and videos and tries to extract meta data like ID3 tags from it).

So whenever you want to quickly listen to music you don't have to open a dedicated music player. Simply enter crossbar, select your song and return to the desktop. Crossbar has been designed to make this as fast and as straight forward as possible.

Such an interface also doesn't clutter up the panel, desktop or systray and offers a nice place to display additional information you fequently check but don't want to waste space for like rss feeds, weather data, free disk space, network configuration, etc..

The look, feel, integration and feature coverage is still up for discussion. Feel free to join the discussion about it in the forum.

(Proof of concept, running on an old P4 2.0 Ghz, no hw acceleration (VESA only), interface ready in 10msec after pressing the shortcut, currently supports images, music, videos and web streams)


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WOW. It's looks wery good. Good job. :D


looks like some of my ideas made it in there :)