Next generation SkyOS user base

Submitted by Robert Szeleney on Tue, 2008-02-12 17:20.

Not only the SkyOS team is very busy developing SkyOS, we are also very active in enlarging our user base and will continue to do so...

(Leonie Szeleney)

(Coldfirex's little girl)

more to come...


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No credit card :(

Damn, I wanted to buy a SkyOS-shirt for my new born Emil (19.05.2008) to join this nice "Next generation SkyOS user base", but I don't have any credit card (and I don't want/need a credit card!). I've got a PayPal account, that's all I can offer (and a standard international bank transfer). Isn't there any other possibility to get a SkyOS-shirt for my little new one, and my older one (2 years old), and (of course!) for me?

Greetings from Bavaria/Germany,
Piepsi (Sebastian)

Increasing your user base

Increasing your user base via procreation... brilliant! Someone needs to pitch this to Microsoft.

Where to get..

Hey! Where to get that t-shirt? :D


It is a standard CafePress site:

Wow, they look great!

Wow, they look great! Congrats to both families! =)

Awww :)

Awww, cute :)

We will need some educational games for young children they can beta test soon :P