SkyFS/BFS viewer 0.1 released

Submitted by Peter Speybrouck on Mon, 2007-09-10 18:07.

This is the first public release of my SkyFS/BFS viewer. This is a GUI application, a windows driver is for somewhere in the future.

Read below before downloading:

* runs on windows xp (does not work on vista yet)
* view files and folders on both SkyFS and BFS partitions
* copy single files from SkyFS/BFS partitions to your fat/ntfs partition.
* does currently only read actions so it should not alter your partition table or any partitions.
* generates a debuglog to identify problems that may still exist.
* Right-click action menu (properties window is only for files and folders, not disks or partitions)

Known issues:
* Some attributes may not show up correctly in the properties window due to binary format.
* Application may crash when copying large files (+200MB)
* Application and progressbar may stop responding during file copy (large files). Application should continue as normal when file copy is done.
* Vista not supported.
* Only copies files to the folder where the application is located. Selecting a custom location is not implemented yet.
* Overwrites files in the local folder when copied twice.
* memory leak when copying files.

Use this program at your own risk.

When you encounter a problem or crash, please send me the debuglog.txt along with an explanation about what you were doing, when it crashed, ...
Email: peter.speybrouck+skyfs _@_


Comments welcome.


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Thanks to user feedback, a problem was identified with scanning the partitions. Depending on your disk layout, some partitions may not be scanned which can cause some BFS or SkyFS partition to not show up in the application.

Problems on Vista

I used different disk management tools to work with BFS partitions and I am glad another tool came up. I just switched to Vista and tried SkyFS/BFS viewer but I have problems with permissions. Hope Vista will be fully supported soon.

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