Submitted by Robert Szeleney on Tue, 2007-06-19 18:23.

Default HTML rendering engine
A while ago a proof-of-concept port of WebCore has been implemented for SkyOS.

For the new C++ API a HTML rendering engine depending decision had to be made. While implementing the new API there was the chance to evaluate the different available HTML rendering engines.
Focus has been on WebCore and Gecko, using following priorities:

- Render quality
- System integration
- Performance
- Support and maintenance
- etc.

After extensive testing it was clear that we will use the Gecko Rendering Engine again. It is very feature complete, easy to integrate, powerful and already very well tested on SkyOS.

Expect the new GeckoView Window Class soon.

The Beta build 6752 release candidate is being uploaded now and will be tested by the alpha team. If there are no show stoppers found the beta should go live either today or tomorrow.


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Would this allow for

Would this allow for programs to make use of AJAX or something similar if needed? Does this make maintaining the Mozilla products easier?


I would hope it would mean programs could use AJAX with it, it would be quite interesting!