PoC : Media Station

Submitted by Robert Szeleney on Mon, 2006-01-16 13:36.

Proof-of-concept: Media Station

Purpose for this proof of concept is to see which features are missing to implement a Media Station which supports audio/video playback, picture slideshow and weather forecast. Result: nothing is missing at all.

The Media Station will operate in two modes, or better, SkyOS itself will operate in two modes.

  • In the first mode, Media Station is used like any other application. You start it, work with it, close it.
  • In the second mode, Media Station runs as a kiosk service.

Kiosk service? What's this?
Your entire workstation can be switched into a so called kiosk service. Currently, there are two supported kiosk modes: Surf station and Media Station. As soon as you activate such a kiosk mode, SkyOS automatically logs you out from the desktop. On the next login, depending on the activated kiosk mode, either the desktop, Mozilla Firefox or the Media Station gets loaded. In the Surf and Media Station Kiosk mode is is not possible to start any other applications, this means, that when for example Media Station mode is activated, you can use your PC *ONLY* as media station. You will not be able to start any other application at all. Btw, kiosk modes are user specific.

Media station
For Audio/Video playback, there is ISS. Can be fully integrated into such a application with minimal amount of code. Pictures as well as for example weather data support is also available.

A new WidgetView has been implemented. This widget can be used to base complex widgets on. The widgets itself does nothing more than providing a double buffered drawing area and receiving messages from SkyGI which will be redirected to custom interface functions which can be hooked by the user. Using this widget it is very easy to drawing typical media center controls.

Nothing to do here. Just setup a query (five lines of code) to get all requested files.

Data can be fetched from the weather service.

Mockup from Kelly:


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With anshig! Merry Christmas!

just hope it doesn't start

just hope it doesn't start bloating the system. Is this a Media Center (the SkyOS app) replacement or a whole different application? As much as this excites me...

There have been a few proof

There have been a few proof of concepts for media center software. This is one of them. Nothing definitive yet.

I like it

Very Nice Idea,

I like it. Would it be possible to display thumbnails instead of the file name?

... on second thoughts.. how about ability to stream over a network to another SkyOS Machine?


Very cool idea, i just hope it doesn't start bloating the system. Is this a Media Center (the SkyOS app) replacement or a whole different application? As much as this excites me, I'd love to see other things first like USB and printing support :-D Nice work as always though Robert.


Low res

Maybe it could be interesting to add support to this application for low resolution screens like a TV.


This sounds very interesting, no inturuptions from other applications when watching a movie, no slow movies from other system operations...excellent :D

yeah, i think this would be

yeah, i think this would be good, just incase a s-video out is ever implemented in SkyOS.

No, it's no replacement,

No, it's no replacement, it's a complete new application. And no, it will not "bloat" the system because the Media station is completely indpendend of the rest of the system.