Robert Szeleney

Personal data

Name Robert Szeleney
Birthday 4th, June 1980
Location Austria
Education 4 years elementary, 4 years secondary school, 5 years technical college for electronic data processing & business organisation, 1 year military, 2000 - 2010 occupied at B&R as software developer, since 2010 CEO of Djinnworks e.U. - Software solutions for mobile devices (
Children Daughter, Leonie, 9th, January 2008
Hobbies Fitness Training, Squash, Diving (PADI Advanced open water diver), Rafting, Climbing, Sauna, Tennis, Skydiving, Archery, Traveling, Hanging out with friends and Going Out.

Countries I have been to: Austria, Croatia, Germany, Great Britian, Italy, Slowenia, Spain, Hungary, Luxemburg, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, Greece, Tunesia, United States (Florida, New York). <
Work CEO/CTO of Djinnworks e.U.
Spoken languages German, English
Programming languages C, C++, ASM, Pascal, BASIC, JAVA, ....
Blogs SkyOS related personal blog
Pictures Typing too much can hurt you! ;)