SkyOS hardware page

Submitted by Peter Speybrouck on Mon, 2006-09-04 10:14.

Because we get a lot of questions whether this and that hardware is supported or what the hardware requirements are for SkyOS, Mr__E created a very nice 3rd party website:

This site aims to build a hardware compatibility database.
Beta testers are encouraged to register on the site and add their hardware together with any issues they are having. This way we can try to keep an up to date list of (un)supported hardware for SkyOS.


Updated ports

Submitted by Peter Speybrouck on Wed, 2006-08-16 20:32.

With the change to ELF binary format, all software has to be recompiled.

Today I finished compiling a few more and uploaded them to my softwarestore. All are upgraded to the latest versions as well.

Now available:
* apr-1.2.7
* apr-util-1.2.7
* expat-2.0.0
* openssl-0.9.8b
* gloox-0.8.1-sic (with openssl support)
* Apache httpd-2.2.3
* iksemel-1.2
* scribis (by Patrick Bichler)

Except apr-util and openssl, all have shared libraries as well and apache has shared modules included.

I have also been working trying to get php to work for apache. Php-5.1.4 compiles on skyos but I have problems getting a shared php library to work so for now it would only be the cli version of php. Hopefully I can get this to work.

Bittorrent and SAMBA

Submitted by Tomasz Dominikowski on Sat, 2006-08-12 21:21.

After numerous attempts to port many different bittorrent libraries and clients by numerous people it finally happened.

Alan "Coldfirex" Shearer (with a little help of Peter "Darkness" Speybrouck) has ported the CLI version of a Bittorrent client Transmission. After an e-mail to the author and a very small addition the SVN version of this client compiles in SkyOS without any changes.

General rants about build 6132

Submitted by Tomasz Dominikowski on Mon, 2006-08-07 14:17.

You might have noticed that we (as in Robert and the alpha team) have pulled another release out.

There's a second update available that fixes important issues, mainly with the Software Store. If you can't obtain it due to the issues (which is likely to happen), then use wget in SkyOS terminal to download it and install it manually by double-clicking on the downloaded package.

Composing internals and an example

Submitted by Robert Szeleney on Tue, 2006-07-18 11:26.