A New Start

Submitted by Chris Marshall on Fri, 2006-01-13 18:10.

2005 was a very interesting year personally and professionally.

Personally it has been difficult as I lost both of my remaining Grandparents in England during the year. However that was made easier with the news that my wife is expecting another baby. Professionally I have been really busy and have been promoted to Senior Engineer, this has meant a lot more responsibility and work which is why I have not been able to contribute as much to SkyOS.

Anyway why put this in a Developer Blog on SkyOS. The reason is that I am still very interested in being involved in SkyOS development and wanted to start off the year a fresh, I recently posted the source code to some of the projects I had been working on. I have not fully abandoned these projects but rather wanted to concentrate on tools that would be more productive for the Community as a whole.